Sex with her unconscious friend, then abandons her on the side of the road: 27-year-old convicted

ROVIGO – The Court of Appeal of Venice has confirmed the condemnation against the 27-year-old who took advantage of her friend’s foggy statethat after a beer and a joint she felt ill from losing consciousness, consuming a sexual intercourse complete with girl half-unconscious and then, seeing that she showed no signs of recovering, taking her in the car near the house of one of her aunts and leaving it on the ground on the side of the road. The facts date back to May 26, 2017 and on Thursday the second instance sentence arrived, which fully confirmed the sentence that had been pronounced by the Court of Rovigo, in the first degree of judgment, on July 5 last year, found guilty. of sexual violence and failure to help and sentenced to a sentence of 5 years and 1 month of imprisonment, in addition to the payment of compensation of 15 thousand euros against the victim, who had filed a civil action with the lawyer Anna Osti. On the other hand, the lawyer Lorenzo Pavanello defended the accused. The sentence is not yet final, so this is not even the guilt, because the last degree of judgment remains.

To reconstruct the story, as in the film Memento, it was necessary to start from the end and then reconstruct backwards, through the glimpses of the victim’s memory, the picture of what happened that day. What is certain is that the girl was found unconscious on the street by the medical staff of the ambulance who rushed to the 118 call made by her brother to whom, after having had a moment of lucidity and having woken up in a place that she could not recognize, had sent a message with the geolocation coordinates.
Arrived unconscious in the emergency room, the young woman then gradually recovered and began to tell the little she remembered of the incident to the health workers, reiterating it in the protected hearings, given her delicate psychological framework, and, finally, also in classroom, during the process. Some flashes, like isolated frames. She smoked a joint at her friend’s house after having a beer with him. Then, to have asked for water and to have perceived a bitter aftertaste and, shortly after, to have started to feel bad. For this reason, during the investigations, it was also hypothesized that the so-called rape drug, gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, which produces the symptoms of very intense drunkenness, up to loss of consciousness and amnesia, could have been used. However, this hypothesis did not find any objective confirmation, but an interaction of alcohol and Thc with the drugs that the girl was taking at that time was considered plausible. Among her memories, also that of having said to feel bad about her friend who, however, instead of taking her to the hospital as she asked, he would instead have started kissing her, undressing her and touching her. The girl, who also saw a particular condition of hers, was also subjected to specific tests, on what happened subsequently she has memories that seem to be shrouded in fog, but she said and reiterated that she had a sudden moment of lucidity, realizing that she was completely naked, lying on the bed, with him on it. And the feeling of full penetration with a condom. Then, however, darkness again. As if her mind wanted to remove those memories. But the findings found in what she said were considered sufficient in the first and second instance to hold the 27-year-old’s guilt proven guilty.

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