Sexual abuse of mother on disabled 7-year-old son, arrested

The 46-year-old mother was framed by an audio recorded, perhaps by chance, on the cell phone of one of the children. Explicit sexual abuse, with lots of details, which need not be described, but which are gruesome, on the son of just seven years. The woman, originally from Capo d’Orlando, a large town in the Messina area, ended up under house arrest today and the child who is suffering from psycho-motor disability has been entrusted to her father, from whom the woman is separated. It was thanks to her father that the Public Prosecutor of Patti (Messina), led by Angelo Vittorio Cavallo, discovered the woman’s abuse of her son. The father, in recent days, filed a complaint after hearing on his daughter’s cell phone, which he used with the youngest, a file that left little room for doubts about what was happening between the ex-wife and the child. The woman is now under house arrest and her three children, all minors, have been entrusted to their father. The couple had been separated for some time, according to the husband due to the constant betrayal of his wife. And the children remained in fact – pending the formal separation procedures – entrusted to the care of their mother while the father could exercise the right of visit at the weekend.

Here is what the father denounced in the complaint presented in July: “I was in my home with my children, they played and took pictures. After playing together, I took my daughter’s phone to look at the photos they had taken. in the gallery of the phone in question I came across a video lasting about 22 minutes that I stopped to watch “. It was a video recording that started inadvertently “as evidenced by the fact that there is a fixed shot, but you can still listen to the audio”, reads the precautionary measure. Listening to the video in question, the father was frozen, when he realized that the interlocutors are the mother and the seven-year-old son and that the dialogue is of a sexual nature. In fact, starting from minute 8 onwards, it is understood that the mother masturbates in front of her son, inducing him to do the same. “This emerges from listening to the recording with explicit content”, reads the precautionary measure.

The little one in recent days has been listened to with a psychologist

This was enough to trigger the arrest request and the order of the investigating judge of the Court of Patti signed by the Prosecutor Angelo Vittorio Cavallo and the prosecutor Alice Parialò. The child, in recent days, was heard, in a protected place and in the presence of a psychologist, by the prosecutor. But the main proof remains that recording that started, perhaps inadvertently, which collected live the sexual abuse of the mother against the seven-year-old. “The content of the conversation demonstrates the suspect’s full awareness of the seriousness of his conduct, which – in one to the tenor of sex chats with various men – allows us to believe, at present and subject to any further investigation into course of the procedure, the full capacity of the woman to fully understand the negative value of her actions and the possible consequences under the latently punitive profile “, writes the investigating judge as a precautionary measure.

The woman ended up under arrest because, as explained by the investigating judge of Patti, “in fact, due to the specific modalities and circumstances of the event, as well as to the personality of the suspect, concrete, current and mandatory requirements with reference to the concrete danger that the same , if not cautiously restricted, can commit other serious crimes of the same kind as the one for which one proceeds: for this purpose it is enough to consider the unprecedented gravity of the conduct, however repeated for what has been said, of a mother who, instead of protecting and educating the offspring at an early age (moreover forced to live in a highly degraded environment also in terms of hygiene and health), becomes the “executioner”, subjecting the little one of just seven years to actions capable of undermining the correct psycho-sexual development , all the more so in a subject already in itself the bearer of a certain degree of psycho-motor discomfort “.

The Prosecutor ‘A very serious matter, we will do further investigations’

“On the other hand, the suspect’s inability to curb her sexual appetites is also evident in another way, as demonstrated by the content and the sexually explicit tenor of the chats she had with various men, in one to the disturbing – in the light of everything that has emerged so far – sending the photo of the son to some of his interlocutors “, writes the investigating judge Andrea La Spada in the precautionary custody order. “This is a very serious fact, born in the context of a seemingly normal family”, explains Prosecutor Cavallo. “We immediately wanted to remove the mother from the two children to prevent similar episodes from happening again. We will make further investigations to investigate what happened”. Now the little one, and the other two siblings, are with their father. The mother, as foreseen by the precautionary measure, is forbidden to see her children. (by Elvira Terranova)

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