Sexual violence: teacher harasses 11-year-old student, arrested – Chronicle

The Caltanissetta Mobile Squad has middle school teacher arrested for sexual assault. The teacher was given house arrest. The man, who teaches in a state school, exploiting his role as a teacher would have harassed, on several occasions, an 11-year-old.

The girl last June found the strength to tell what happened to one of her teachers who reported everything to the vice principal, but the confidences did not have any effect. The victim then turned to the parents who immediately reported the facts to the Flying Squad. In a few days the investigators listened to several minors who had received the confidences of their partner and who also told about other inappropriate behaviors and inadequate sentences pronounced by the teacher in class. The victim was then heard by the investigating judge during a probative incident in the presence of a psychologist.

The class of the girl, but also other students of the school showed great solidarity towards her partner by collaborating with the investigators and reporting to the police the inappropriate behavior of the teacher who used to swear in front of the boys and launch into inappropriate appreciations. The vice principalwho would have dropped the revelations of the teacher with whom the victim had spoken to nothing, was reported for failure to report.