Sezgin Tanrikulu’s statements are unacceptable

Wall – CHP Party Spokesman Faik Oztrack said about the statements of CHP Diyarbakir Deputy Sezgin Tanrikulu in a TV program, “The statements of Diyarbakir Deputy Sezgin Tanrikulu blaming the Turkish Armed Forces, the apple of our country’s eye, are unacceptable.”

CHP party spokesperson Oztrack criticized statements made about the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) in a live broadcast in which Diyarbakir deputy Sezgin Tanrıkulu participated. In its post on its Twitter account, Oztrack said, “Diyarbakir deputy Sezgin Tanrikulu’s statements that blame the apple of our country’s eye, the Turkish Armed Forces, are unacceptable. This issue will be discussed in our authorized bodies.”

Ankara’s Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office announced that an investigation has been launched against Cezgin Tanrikulu.

What did the servant of God say?

Sezgin Tanrikulu criticized the Turkish Armed Forces in his broadcast on TV100 and said, “Everything the Turkish Armed Forces does is not free from criticism. We are members of the parliament, we question them,” and continued: “Is it not the Turkish armed forces that carried out the fascist coup on September 12? Is it not the army that attempted the coup on July 15 and burned villages… Dozens of unsolved murders. There are cases whose I am following. Is it not the Turkish armed forces who threw 15 villagers from the helicopter? This is established by the decision of the ECHR…”

Saying that he should be critical as an MP, Tanrikulu said, “We ask questions, we question whether it is true or not. We do this at least to eliminate such doubts about the Turkish Armed Forces. Ask for… They burned down many villages? Roboski has just become Uludere…”
In a message shared on his social media account today, Cezgin Tanrıkulu said, “After my statements yesterday, I will deal one by one before the law with all those who made/wrote such statements about me that some people Surpassed even the harshest criticism.” Digital platform.”

Tanrikulu later shared various examples of violations and said, “The mentality that is trying to lynch me now will also lynch those who say there was a massacre in Roboski ten years later . But the truth doesn’t disappear when you beat him to death. Going after the gangs, the drug traffickers and the profiteers.” “The fact that Ankara CBS launched an investigation against me on a holiday and announced it to the public should not be ignored,” he said. “(news center)

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