Shade come there? Taylor Swift announces song release for the same day as Kim Kardashian’s birthday – 08/29/2022

08/29/2022 | 10:11

She’s back! Taylor Swift announced in the early hours of Monday, the 29th, her upcoming release, the album Midnights. But it seems that fans are not only eager to take advantage of the talent of the singer, they also got a flea behind their ear because of the date chosen: October 21, the same day as Kim Kardashian’s birthday.

If you follow the artist or socialite, you may remember that the two clashed six years ago, when Kanye West released the song Famous, in which he claimed he was responsible for making the blonde famous, in the lyrics he sings:

I feel like me and Taylor [Swift] we can still have sex. Because? I made that bitch famous.

At the time, West assured that he had received Swift’s blessing, but the blonde did not like being cursed by the rapper and announced that he had not authorized the use of his name in the song. Still in 2016, Kanye and Kardashian were a couple, and of course the model could not let her lover come out as a liar in this story, right? Kim used her SnapChat to share a video she recorded of her ex-husband’s conversation with the Look What You Made Me Do singer. In the record it is possible to see that the rapper read the lyrics to Taylor and included the controversial verse.

In the next chapter of this story, the blonde released a note saying she didn’t know she would be called that bitch. Kim later ended up calling her a snake.

Midnights will be released on October 21, the same day as Kim Kardashian’s birthday, and fans are hoping that at least one of the songs will reminisce about this beef between the two. Will it come?


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