Shadow Warrior 3 on spectacular gameplay shots. We will know the release date soon

The Flying Wild Hog is gearing up for an important announcement. Soon we will know the final release date of the Polish production, and today we can check some new shots from the game. The creators will provide a piece of a spectacular shooter.

In 2022, there will be many interesting Polish games on the market, and one of the productions that DOOM fans cannot pass by is undoubtedly Shadow Warrior 3. Flying Wild Hog published several impressive-looking materials last year, but in the whole this killing madness lacked one thing: the release date.

However, the developers have just confirmed that Shadow Warrior 3 will debut in 2022 and in the near future we will get to know all the information about the debut. However, I have the impression that Devolver Digital must show a really good knowledge of the market here, because in the coming months we are constantly playing big positions in the AAA segment and the Polish shooter needs an appropriate date.

Already Shadow Warrior 2 has shown that Flying Wild Hog can provide great fun and a good release date can help the game – the title should be of interest to many players.

Shadow Warrior 3 is coming in 2022 and guess what year it is now?

More details and the exact release date will be revealed soon! “

It is worth recalling that in Flying Wild Hog he also works on Trek to Yomi (see the trailer), Evil West (check the trailer) and Space Punks (the game will hit consoles).

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