Shaking the phone. Hidden functions that give you a lot of valuable facilities

Over the years, phone manufacturers have started to provide more and more sensitivity to movement of the equipment. Smartphones have long “wake up” when we pick them up. What if we shake them?

Shake your iPhone while typing a message

In the past, shaking the iPhone changed the song randomly. Today, making this gesture comes down to providing owners of Apple devices with more convenience when composing a text message.

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The moment we shake the iPhone, the message “Undo typing” will appear on its screen. This means that if a message or post does not meet our expectations, it can be quickly deleted. The described function is compatible with both system applications and those for which third parties are responsible.

Android users stuck with the manufacturer’s decisions and applications

Android itself does not use phone shaking by default. It all depends on what idea the smartphone manufacturer has. For example, Motorola decided to develop two functions that take advantage of shaking: flashlight management and launching the camera.

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What if our smartphone does not respond to vigorous movements? In this case, you can always help with applications. One of them is Shake Me. After installing it, the user has the option to turn the camera diode on or off, as well as choose which application is to be launched at his request.

Instagram joins Microsoft, Facebook and Google

In the context of the functionality of the phone shake, it is worth paying attention to third-party applications. Microsoft (Office), Facebook and Google (Maps) have been using shake to report bugs for a long time. Now Instagram has joined this group. Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, announced the new application function via social media. Also, users of this website, after shaking their smartphone, will be able to report bugs.

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