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To rekindle their flame, Shakira and Lewis Hamilton would have opted for a romantic vacation, together, on a private island. The latest rumors said that the singer of Monotony and the British pilot had ended their relationship, at the request of the latter, but it seems that love has not said its last word. According to new information revealed by the Spanish broadcast Y ahora Sonsoles, the singer would have rented a luxurious villa in Ibiza for her vacation, where Lewis Hamilton would have come to spend the night. “We confirm the arrival of Lewis Hamilton at night, probably to visit Shakira. Indeed, he had nothing else to do in this area where there are exclusively villas. Shakira spent seven days at the Coco Loco villa, a gigantic and ultra-luxurious property,” said journalist Tamara Gorro.

Regarding the privacy of the residents of these villas, the journalist clarified: “The villas are located at the top of the mountains, not everyone has access to them. In the evening, the pilot went out to party in posh clubs and then went to Shakira’s house. »

A dotted relationship

Although it was said a few weeks ago that the 38-year-old pilot was no longer interested in the Colombian singer, media like People and the broadcast Y ahora Sonsoles claim that it was a strategy to deceive the vigilance of the paparazzi. Thus, according to information collected by Tamara Gorro, Shakira and Lewis Hamilton would never have lost sight of each other.

Shakira and Lewis Hamilton together in Barcelona after the Barcelona Grand Prix.

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“We know, for sure, that they have always stayed in contact but that they have not been seen outside this area,” says the journalist. Speculation about a possible relationship between actress Eiza Gonzalez and Lewis Hamilton has been denied. Although the two are good friends, the paparazzi began to unfairly refer to the Mexican star as “the third wheel of the carriage”.

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