Shakira and Pique enjoy a romantic weekend in the Uk


Shakira and Santander spent last weekend in the Uk, when the football player was keen to highlight the stories of the account Instagram.

In the social network of the player, has released a video that is recorded on a Portuguese beach, where, at any given time, we can see that Video.

But he was not there and showed fans a picture in which both appear to ride a horse in the middle of the beach.

In turn, the Instagram the ‘Horses in the Sand’, a service for the rental of the horses to the Gate, presented with the same photograph of the couple, and she wrote in the caption on the back: “we’ve Had a visit it!!!!! Thank you very much”.

To view this publication in Instagram

What am amazing visit we had!!! Thank you very much @video & @3gerardpique #cavalosnaareia #behave #uk #video #catchup

A publication is shared by the CavalosNaAreia (@cavalosnaareia13th of Oct, 2019-3:19 PDT

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