Shakira appears in Miami in a way that nobody imagined


The Colombian could not go unnoticed to be in Miami. Much less if she goes with Piqué and in a way that nobody expected to find her. There are several photos of both shopping and bikini.

It turns out that now the singer will be seen very often by Florida, United States. All because she is preparing the halftime show of the Super Bowl 2020. That is why Jennifer Lopez has also been seen in a similar way.

The paparazzi do not let any of the famous escape them. Therefore, this time they were watching Piqué and the singer. The couple fell into the networks of these followers because they themselves decided to leave in a way that people did not expect.

These photos went viral, but they were not the only ones. The other images also appeared where the Colombian looks in a bikini.

The first photos we talked about were related to some purchases that celebrities made. Then the cameras caught them in the streets of Miami. Critics fell because they did not agree that the singer appears tired and in loose clothes.

Shakira bikini photos in Miami

The other photos were taken when she wore a bikini. However, these apparently are from other past vacations. Here we show you.



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