Shakira- As accusations of former artists: “Pedidos perigosos”

O que não faltam são acusações a Shakira, especially for ex-functions of the Colombian artist that also comes from ‘ao de cima’ após o término com Piqué. As the final report reveals, the motorist confesses or has difficulties that he encounters regularly.

One of the pedals will be extremely perigoso and colocava which will cause the motorist’s poor performance: handle the mirrors so that they are not screwed.

“Shakira is fully conscious”

One of the things that reads on the pedals, that is, when handling the rear view mirrors to avoid that the engine is screwed on: “Turn to the bottom of the vehicle’s central mirror”. Contudo, não é a única! O professional deixa também uma cheia de critics ao irmão da artista, Tonino.

“Tonino felt no passenger bank and continued grit,” he declared. “It is the case that this situation is true, when it is totally conscious, and it is a test of negligent situations of a benevolent nature”, complete. But what’s more! The motorist charges Tonino to keep informed information and to charge the workers with their own safety. “The culpa of motorists and operators but is in contact with the paparazzi”, confessed in one example: “There are clearly two instructions on the phone, for example: ‘Shakira não sai mais.’”

Dizem que o pior fica para o fim: “They não dão gorjeta. They are subject to orders, which we only have to pay for, and we therefore implore you to receive them.

Text: Maria Constança Castanheira; Photos: Redes Sociais

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