Shakira boasts of the best photographer: his son Sasha

Shakira is dedicating all these weeks of confinement at home to a variety of activities. One of them was the study: the singer decided to return to the books and focus on the philosophy, as she showed us her partner and father of their children, Gerard Pique. It also focused on their small, Milan and Sasha and did not hesitate to instill in them the benefits of sport and a healthy lifestyle, of which exercise is a fundamental part. But not content with that, is taking the opportunity to remember the hobbies and hobbies, as well as their children.

Gerard Pique’s account of how they live these days at home with their children and sends a message of encouragement

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This Wednesday, for example, has wanted to pose for the benjamin of the house, Sasha. What has made it into the house, where she is confined with his family, with a styling, comfortable and its characteristic mane blonde loose. Sitting on the floor, with his legs open and his best smile, Shakira has worked as a real model to the objective of the small, which seems to have already clear of its professions and vocations preferred: the photographer, judging by the words of his proud mother.

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I think my son Sasha wants to be a photographer“wrote the singer just a few minutes ago next to the snapshot, which has been praised by a large part of their followers, accustomed to the colombian turn your children into protagonists. In fact, just a few days, spread a message about the quarantine of the smallest of the house which generated no little controversy. In it he proposed new measures and asked that the children could walk in the fresh air.

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“Knowing the situation of parents with small children in this difficult period of quarantine, I empathize with those who do not have an outdoor space or balcony for their children to breathe clean air. If you are allowed out to walk the dog or to adults to buy, I would have to think of a solution to grant this same right to childrenwho need the sun and the air for their physical and mental health. I would urge the Government to consider a policy that allows a responsible adult to take a child to walk, even if it is subject to the restrictions that the experts consider, and respecting the rules of estrangement and healing. The kids are being real champions in this social drama, and we must think of their well-being”, read the message he shared with his more than 66 million followers.

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