Shakira, like this and with him! (and it’s not Piqué) Last minute. Scandalous photo!


Shakira has surprised the entire world by announcing this weekend her new single with reggaeton Anuel AA through her Instagram account. The publication already has about a million likes and up.

The cover image of that new single could not be more controversial, where Anuel AA is seen with a blue housecoat and Shakira quite short of clothes with a kind of pink bikini

A photograph that has already been the subject of discussion among feminist forums that consider Shakira to have fallen into the bad world of reggeaton.

Beware of Anuel AA

It seems that in this collaboration Anuel AA earns much more than Shakira herself. 

However, for Anuel AA it is an important step for his career as he rises one more level in terms of his fame and becomes the Colombian fashion artist and only has Maluma ahead.

A marriage that comes strong

In addition, until now Shakira was the queen of Colombia in terms of fame and her relationship with Gerard Piqué made them both one of the most famous Latin couples in the world.

But it seems that with the fame that Shakira has given Anuel AA the future marriage between the reggettonero and Karol G can make the throne change kings in terms of more media couples. And it is that Karol G goes like a shot for Shakira and Anuel AA already begins to be a worldwide celebrity.



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