Shakira makes him miserable, Gerard Piqué leaves to console himself in Croatia with Clara Chia!

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While Shakira continues to do her best to ruin her life since their divorce, Gerard Piqué has offered himself a few days of vacation with his partner Clara Chia. The opportunity for the boss of the Kosmos agency to temporarily put aside his personal worries.

The holiday photo that made the front page of the celebrity press

Far from Shakira and her children now established in Miami, the former defender of FC Barcelona left to take refuge in Croatia. Holidays like “everyman” that did not go unnoticed, far from it.

People media Lecturas squarely shared a photo of Gerard Piqué and Clara Chia paddling on the Adriatic Sea on the cover under the title “tormented summer”. We see the Spanish international sitting cross-legged on the board, grimacing, with diving goggles on his forehead, staring into space…

To sum up

Shakira making her live through hell since her divorce, Gerard Pique took refuge in Croatia with Clara Chia. The paparazzi followed him in a paddle session and the least we can say is that the former Barça is not really smiling…

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