Shakira on a photo in my pajamas and without makeup. The photographer was her son

Shakira it is without a doubt one of the most popular performers in the world. Hailing from Colombia, singer, dancer, producer and model for many years admire beauty and talent. On his account, among other things, two Grammy Awards and two nominations for “Golden globe”. In the United States alone sold 60 million copies, making it the second most popular latino singer. It the performance of Jennifer Lopez on Super Bowl 2020 captivated the world and will go down in history.

Shakira and other international stars, surrendered isolation and gives an example to fans of how to protect themselves in the era of pandemic koronawirusa. Not forgotten, however, precise, and shares them with the photos and notes via social network. The author of one of the pictures has a 5-year-old son of the star. Shakirę we can see a very natural “home” option.

Shakira in pajamas and without makeup. Author photo-5-year-old son of the star

Privately Shakira the mother of two sons, 7-year-old Milan and 5-year-old Sasha, whose father is Spanish soccer player Gerard Pique. Is the youngest of the children of the singer was to make the picture, which możmemy to see the Colombian star in the natural version, without makeup and dressed in pajamas.

– I think my son Sasha will be the photographer – analyzed photos taken of the son.

In the comments under the photo of the impression from the comments that fans comment on how the talent of little Sasha, and the beauty of Shakiry.

– It’s hard to believe that the photo did 5-year-old child.

– You have a very capable son.

Divine – we read.

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