Shakira predicts move to Miami

Shakira travels with her children Milan and Sasha

According to the Latin magazine Fama, it is already possible to see movements in the artist’s mansion. Initially it was thought that she was already in the United States, but she is still at her home in Barcelona at the service of her lawyers who are trying new strategies for her to get out of a trial for tax evasion, and especially to get rid of a conviction.

A source said: “She wants to put an end to this story as soon as possible… her priority is to avoid going through a public trial that could last days or weeks and would involve a lot of media pressure, and a lot of information about her private life.”

The singer still needs to reach an agreement with Piqué to be able to take her children so far: “This is another important point of discussion”, justified the informant.

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According to the newspaper “El País”, it will not be easy for Shakira and her lawyers to reach an agreement with the inspectors.

Although the singer claims she spent more time abroad than in Spain, tax authorities concluded that between 2012 and 2014, Shakira spent most of her time in Spain and therefore should have paid her taxes there.

They used as evidence against her the payments she made with a credit card, the visits she made to establishments or the photos she herself posted on social networks that proved her residence in Barcelona.

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Also in 2012, she bought a house, rented a recording studio and received prenatal care for Milan’s pregnancy in Barcelona. Proof that she was already living in the country.

“The fundamental objective is not to give a voice of prison to the famous, but to charge her for what was defrauded. [Shakira já entregou os 14.5 milhões de euros devidos no tribunal] and imposing a large fine that generates income for the public coffers”, explained the source.

It is worth remembering that in a first hearing three years ago, Shakira assured the judge that until 2015 she did not live permanently in Spain because, because of her work, she was “a nomad without roots”. But that’s not what the authorities discovered later.

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