Shaman denies affair with Yasmin Brunet: “No big deal”

Shaman speaks about rumors that he would be in a relationship with the model since Carnival

Shaman denied relationship with Yasmin Brunet, this Thursday (19). The singer and the model became news, after the Instagram celebrity profile, Gossip do Dia, posted that they were caught together at the Vitrinni nightclub, in São Paulo (SP), on Tuesday (17).

The singer clarified the situation, in an interview with Leo Dias, from Metrópoles, and said that they just bumped into each other, by chance, at the nightclub.

“I think they saw us at Vitrinni and yesterday, Gossip posted it”, explained the singer.

Xamã also stressed that it was “nothing big”, but a chance meeting while they enjoyed the nightclub.


Yasmin Brunet had already put an end to the wave of gossip involving his name, in April of this year. After several rumors about an alleged involvement with the player Neymar Jr. circulated on the web, the model used her profile on social networks to clarify the matter.

Clearing any doubts from the public, Yasmin, who is the ex-wife of Gabriel Medina, published a message beyond direct in their Instagram Stories. On a black background, she wrote: “I received a photo of a ridiculous gossip… many things have already been made up about me, but this was one of the most absurd”.

The story began when a columnist claimed that the PSG star would be living a romance with the model. In this way, the player would have yielded a great fight with Medina, who is Brunet’s ex-husband and one of Neymar’s best friends.

As soon as he learned of the story, the football player, who is currently dating Bruna Biancardimade a point of making fun of the situation: “Gabriel, do I speak or do you speak?! Do you want to see me, my daughter?”, he criticized.

It is worth remembering that the separation of Medina and Yasmin was announced in January of this year, shortly after the two completed a year of relationship.

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