“Shame”, “mockery”. It’s hot after being removed from Zakopane

It was enough for the Polish Ski Association to publish one photo for a real storm to prevail on the network. Starring … an armchair.

Dawid Borek

Dawid Borek

armchair for the winner of the qualification in Zakopane

Facebook / PolskiZwiazekNarciarski / In the photo: armchair for the winner of the qualifications in Zakopane

At 18:00, qualifications for the Sunday individual competition of the World Cup in Zakopane will begin. Their winner will sit on the chair that is already waiting for the winner under the jump.

The question is whether the winner of the qualification will be equally eager to take a place in the mentioned seat. Why? Well, because the piece of furniture – to put it mildly – does not look very inviting.

“This armchair is a mockery … Straight from a hasioka. A good promotion of Zakopane in the world. There are so many beautiful highlander furniture, you could not think of any local furniture? Shame!” – one of the internet users writes on Facebook.

He is not alone in his opinion. “What a shame with this chair from the nineteenth century”, “but village, take this chair … It will go on television all over the world … Shame” – commented the fans of the post published by the Polish Ski Association.

A team competition is planned for Saturday at Wielka Krokiew and an individual competition for Sunday. Broadcasts on TVP 1, Eurosport 1 and WP Pilot. LIVE report (text) on WP SportoweFakty.

World Cup program in Zakopane:

Friday (01/14/2022)

15:30 – official training (two series)
18:00 – qualifications

Saturday (01/15/2022)
15:00 – trial series
16:00 – team competition

Sunday (01/16/2022)
15:00 – trial series
16:00 – individual competition

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