Shannen Doherty suffering from cancer: the latest news on her state of health

Shannen Doherty fights against breast cancer since 2015, year in which he was diagnosed with the disease, unfortunately late. The 52-year-old American actress spoke last June on Instagram about her worsening health condition. September 13 is a former star of the series Beverly Hills 90210 who spoke of the fight waged by the ex-emblematic figure of Charmed. From the site E! News, comedian Brian Austin Green gave reassuring news of the latter.

“She is fine”, first assured Megan Fox’s ex-husband, expressing all the admiration he has for her. “She’s resilient. I mean… Out of all the people I know, if there’s one person who can handle what she’s going through, it’s her.” he added, proud of how Shannen Doherty is handling her cancer, despite the challenges. As a reminder, the actress had fought the disease for the first time, thanks to chemotherapy sessions, before experiencing a relapse in stage 4, in 2020. Last summer, she revealed that “The scan showed metastases in his brain.” “I had a tumor on my head that they (the doctors) wanted to remove, after a biopsy,” she explained to her Instagram fans in the caption of a video of her, in tears, during the exam.

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A Sick Actress Honest About What She’s Going Through

Determined not to embellish the harsh reality confronting her, Shannen Doherty said, in complete frankness: “I’m trying to be brave but I’m petrified. Fear was crushing me (before the operation, Editor’s note). Afraid of all the possible bad consequences, worried about leaving my mother and the consequences it could have on her. I was afraid of coming out of the operation and no longer being me.” Strong despite the circumstances, the actress tried to have a good summer and, to reassure her subscribers on social networks, she published several photos of her vacation at the sea, surrounded by her friends, visibly very present to support her.

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