Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are kissing among the cobwebs. This is how they celebrated Halloween

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello celebrate Halloween 2020
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Since Camila Cabello’s return from the set of the Cinderella movie, she and Shawn Mendes are almost inseparable. Of course, they also spent Halloween together, as we found out by browsing their private photos on Instagram. Earlier, there were also photos of Shawn Mendes walking near the house decorated by him and Camila in Halloween cobwebs. But the most sensational photo of kissing “Shawmila”

Halloween is behind us. Traditionally, the “Ghost Festival” has left many interesting photos of celebrities who, like every year, on the occasion of Halloween, dress up in various, often very original stylizations. We have already shown, among others Riverdale girls that disguised themselves as the Powerpuff Girls, creations Kylie Jenner and her older sister, Kendallthat will celebrate Halloween became similar to Pamela Anderson in 1996.

Time for another disguise, although in this case the more sensational was caused not by the costumes of the stars, but by what their heroes do in the photos. I am talking about one of the most liked show business couples, i.e. Camili Cabello and Shawnie Mendes.

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Shawn and Camila kiss in cobwebs

Until a few weeks ago Shawn Mendes was the so-called a straw widower – his beloved left him for a long time due to work on the set of the film Cindirella. Camila Cabello however, she is already with her boyfriend and has not left him even for a step since the day of his return.

“Shawmila” as the fans affectionately call the relationship, of course, she also spent Halloween together.

Later in the day, photojournalists caught Shawn walking alone near the house in Miami where he lives with his girlfriend. The photos show a garden of stars decorated with cobwebs …

Shawn Mendes
Author: VAEM / Backgrid / East News

Shawn Mendes confesses, “Everyone’s farting!” It’s a carniak from Camila Cabello!

On Halloween night, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello themselves uploaded new photos to Instagram. In the photos, we can admire their styling this year – as you can see, not very sophisticated, especially in the case of Shawn, who basically limited himself to painting his face and putting on the ring.

But the fans liked the photos anyway, and this is mainly due to the juicy kiss that was immortalized by the lovers. Scroll down the post to photo number 2.


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