Shawn Mendes creates retelling of Bruce Springsteen classic

Shawn Mendes recorded a true global music classic for an advertising campaign. The Canadian singer closed a contract with a famous clothing brand and to illustrate the commercial, he created a a little more pop retelling for the track “Dancing In The Dark”, in Bruce Springsteen.

Shawn Mendes creates retelling of Bruce Springsteen classic
photo: Miranda McDonald

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For an advertisement for the Tommy Hilfiger brand, in which mendes has already shared several photos of the campaign on his Instagram, he rproduced an iconic image of Brucewith an electric guitar and a bandana in one of the back pockets of his pants.

Track “Dancing in the Dark”which stands as a true rock classic, is one of the biggest hits from the album “Born in the USA”, 1984, by the artist. Directed by Craig McDean and Theo Stanley, the Canadian’s clip arrives in a dance-rock vibe, through an alternative video recorded in Austin, Texas. Ah, the work is now available on the artist’s official YouTube account.

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All the small details were thought in a way to, in fact, honor Springsteen, recreating scenes from the original music video for the song. Wearing the brand’s clothing, in addition to the iconic short-sleeved polo shirts throughout the video, Shawn appears singing the track while playing guitar. At one point in the clip, he is seen wearing a white blouse, jeans and with a red, white and blue bandana hanging from his pocket in reference to the album cover by Bruce.

the new work of Shawn succeeds the single “When You’re Gone” of the young singer, which reflects a separation, but everything with a soft sound. Last week, the brand unveiled its global summer 2022 campaign, photographed by Craig McDeanand chose Mendes to model the collection entitled 1985 Program”.

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