Shazam! Already Has a (Fake) Title for Its Sequel


Yes, David F. Sandberg has posted a video on Instagram with the announcement of the title of the Shazam sequel! No, it’s not the real title of the film. At least hopefully …

These directors, what pranksters!

David S. Sandberg, the man behind the camera for Shazam !, the acclaimed cinecomic from DC / Warner Bros. who made his big-screen debut last April, is already working on the sequel, strongly backed by Warner.

But if the protagonist (adult) of the film, Zachary Levi, may seem like a great joker, you haven’t yet seen what Sandberg is capable of.

On Instagram, the director shared a video (also found in the post at the bottom of the news) with a caption attached where it was expressly stated that, by starting the movie, we could have discovered the title of the Shazam sequel! , even if we foresee that in reality, this would not have been: “Finally we can reveal to you the title of the sequel! saluto Greetings to all those of the production who probably believe me a total idiot”.

And indeed, it is simply a brand of … Peperoncini. Shazam! Shishito Peppers, which stand out from the others on the market because nine out of ten peperoncini would seem to have a not too intense taste, albeit tasty, with a citrus aftertaste; but one in ten will be incredibly spicy. The challenge is to try them, raw or roasted with olive oil and salt, as recommended by the official website.

For Shazam fans! who was hoping for some news on the film, don’t despair. Probably, soon we will know something more. Meanwhile, if you like spicy, you can always see if they sell these peculiar peppers on the internet …


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