Shazam !: David F. Sandberg Tried Not to Make It Scarier Than Jurassic Park


David F. Sandberg is a director who comes from horror and before Shazam! has shot titles like Lights Out – Terror in the Dark and Annabelle 2: Creation. Many have found it rather ironic that the studios have chosen a director specializing in horror for a film like Shazam !, one of the most carefree titles in the DC universe.

One particular sequence has been modified during the work to make it even more frightening; it is the scene set in the council chamber in the skyscraper owned by the father of dr. Sivana. The viewer witnesses the killing of many people because of the Sins, and after watching this scene many people wondered if it was appropriate to show it to children. 

Sandberg’s idea was to add a touch of the 80s to the film, in the wake of films like The Goonies and ET – L’Extraterrestre. Like the Amblin films of that decade. 
And it is a cult of Steven Spielberg, but of the 90s, that has been used as a yardstick to ensure that it does not exceed the scary movie limit.
“It was a bit weird because we had all these scenes that didn’t work, it was like we were in the ‘we can do better.’ So, originally, Sivana returns to the villa of the other scene eliminated and crashes into the corporate Christmas party, killing everyone. The Sins in that case never came out, but one problem we had is that people didn’t really connect the actors of the beginning with the actors of the end of the film, and that’s why we chose John Glover both as a young man “Dad and both as an elderly father. Not to create too much confusion. Part of the reason is that we wanted it to be scarier, I was told to exploit my horror background. I still had to hold back a bit because the rating was still PG- 13 and therefore had to be suitable also for families. I tried not to make it scarier than Jurassic Park “
In a beautiful fanart image, you can see the characters of Shazam and Black Adam who meet while in a cut scene there is a reference to the latter, a character that we will see in the next films.

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