She accused Viki Gabor of plagiarism. The teenager lost her patience and responded bluntly to the accusations

During the festival in Opole, Viki Gabor performed her greatest hit “Superhero” and showed herself in a brilliant stylization, which was an unusual choice for her. Two days ago, her latest music video for the song entitled. “Moonlight”. The 14-year-old singer spoke about the comment that her hit is a plagiarism of Ariana Grande’s song. We did not know her from this side yet.

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Fans ask Viki Gabor for advice. She wrote to Ariana Grande herself

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Viki Gabor reacts sharply to the accusations of the internet user. “You’re funny”

Viki Gabor is developing his career at a dizzying pace. Her Instagram account is followed by almost 700,000 internet users. She aroused the greatest interest in her person after winning the 17th Eurovision Song Contest for Children. She can count on the support of loyal fans, but she did not avoid snappy comments.

Two days ago, the young star posted a music video for the song “Moonlight” on the Internet. In the comments, the fans did not hide that the song was immediately catchy. There were also voices that the track is identical to “Boyfriend” by Ariana Grande. Viki published a comment on InstaStories from an internet user who accused her of fraud and plagiarism.

Even if there are minor changes, even if it’s a license – it would be nice to sign who the original creator was. Blatantly cheating people – we read.

Viki Gabor reacts sharply to the comment that her latest hit is plagiarismViki Gabor reacts sharply to the comment that her latest hit is plagiarism Photo Instagram / vikigaborofficial

Viki Gabor reacted quickly and showed what she thought about the charges against her. Until now, the young star has never responded so bluntly to fans. The suggestion that she had plagiarized another artist’s song upset her.

Girl you’re funny.

The singer never hid that Ariana Grande is her idol, but she did not copy her song. Viki Gabor together with Jeremi Sikorski and Mikołaj Trybulec are responsible for the words to “Moonlight”.

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Do you hear the similarity?

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