‘She couldn’t breathe’: California girl left quadriplegic with brain damage after eating gummies

The girl now has no control over most body functions. Photo: iStock

The family of Amelie Paredes Sotelo, a 3-year-old minor from California, USA, suffered brain damage and quadriplegia in December 2023 after accidentally eating jelly beans. On the 28th, the candy company that produced “Candy” was sued. Land Gummy Point’.

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According to the testimony of the minor’s mother, Maria Sotelo, her daughter had only bitten off half of the candy. However, the candy was so sticky that it blocked the girl’s airway, so she had to be rushed to an emergency medical center immediately.

Upon arrival, the doctor had to use a special machine to remove the gum, which caused some delays in the operation and left the minor severely hypoxic. This resulted in permanent brain damage and spastic quadriplegia.

The candy “got lodged in Emily’s oropharynx, in the back of her throat (…). “He was unable to breathe for an extended period of time,” a family statement shared by ABC News 4 said. “

The incident was recorded by the minor’s parents, Francisco Paredes Rivera and Maria Aylin Sotelo Camacho. In the video, you can see the parents running towards their three-year-old daughter Emily as she begins to choke.

Family sues company

The family filed a lawsuit against Frankford Candy & Chocolate Co., Frankford Candy LLC and Hasbro in Philadelphia, USA on December 28, alleging that the candies called “Candy Land Gummy Dots” did not come with adequate warnings.

Court documents said the candy consumed by the minor “was made in a manner and mixture that made it unreasonably dangerous due to its extreme stickiness and inability to properly break down through the introduction of human saliva,” ABC News 4 reported.

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