“She doesn’t care for him”: Madonna ill, relatives allege shock

His fans are worried. When she was about to leave on a tour, Madonna has been beset by health concerns. On June 24, the singer was admitted to intensive care A “severe bacterial infection, ,His health is improving, but he is still under medical care. hope to make a full recovery“, first stated by his manager Guy Oseary. And later to specify:”At this point we have to suspend all events including the tour. We’ll share with you as we have more details, including new tour start dates and rescheduled shows.“According to the belief of those around him, Star may have decided to ignore”Some symptoms of disease., If the queen of pop has returned home, In fact many signs should have alerted him,

,He ignored some of the symptoms of illness for a long time because he thought they would go away. But she didn’t want to be absent from rehearsal“, assigned to one of the singer’s relatives People, and note:She was tired and not feeling 100% for some time in anticipation of her tour. She is relentless in her quest to be the bestTo impress his fans and do what no one else has done before himAn opinion shared by others: “Madonna has been too busy for a long time and doesn’t take care of herself, she just keeps pushing herself to the limit“, observed a second source with our American colleagues. Hard-working, Madonna wanted promoting your career at the cost of your health,

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Madonna was in the studio with a huge star before he was hospitalized

Before being hospitalized, Madonna worked intensively. Actually, “just a few hours before”found unconscious“The singer was at her New York home In the studio with fellow pop superstar Katy Perryis indicated Sun This Friday, June 30th. Also according to the newspaper, Madonna must have felt bad just before the discomfort. But he refused to rest the matter, determined to pursue a difficult program, In between studio sessions and rehearsals for his tour…

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