“She doesn’t like the baby’s name”

Blue bow on the front door of Scarlett Johansson, again a mother with a child who has been welcomed for a while. She and her husband Colin Jost have certainly chosen an atypical name for the newborn, but nothing so transcendental. Yet Jost’s mother, Johansson’s mother-in-law, made some resistance: that’s the name “indicted”.

Last year’s news, Scarlett Johansson and her partner Colin Jost they became parents. Or become again, considering that Scarlett Johansson already had a daughter, in fact, Rose, from her previous marriage with Romain Dauriac. But she now welcomes her a boy he had with Colin and his name doesn’t seem to have gone well with his mother.

Cosmosthis is the name of the new born Johannson, who has now arrived inAugust 2021. But only now does the actress share the classic picture of her with her mother-in-law, as in her best films, which she came to create in the aftermath of choosing her name. In fact, she tells from the Kelly Clarkson Show: “We had just thrown down a lot of ideas. But I really thought he was so charming and that all our friends would like him“.

The actress then continued: “Colin’s mom, on the other hand, had a bit of a struggle. He continued on suggest other versions for a while even when he was already born, to which I thought: ‘No, he’s already here now, he’s out, it’s too late to change his name, that time has passed’“. Just in the days in the months coinciding with the birth, Johansson also had to deal with a nasty argument with Disney over Black Widow and box office awards, which could easily have resulted in a lawsuit, then re-entered.

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