She gets an upside-down pineapple tattoo before discovering its very embarrassing meaning

Many tattoo lovers have probably had moments of regret looking at dodgy tattoos from their younger days. However, imagine realizing that your chosen tattoo not only carries an inappropriate message, but also a completely unintended naughty meaning. This is the hilarious and somewhat embarrassing story of Brittany Lewin, a TikTok user from Queensland, Australia. The story, originally reported by the Mirror, illustrates how a seemingly innocuous tattoo can have unintended consequences.

Pineapple in sight, hidden meaning

Brittany Lewin, who uses the pseudonym @b_brittanylewin on TikTok, had decided to get a small pineapple tattoo upside down inside a triangle on his forearm. She had no idea that this harmless drawing actually had a much more spicy meaning. Everything changed when she decided to proudly share photos of her new tattoo with a friend. The latter noticed the configuration of the pineapple and innocently asked: “Is that an upside-down pineapple?” Brittany replied with a hint of sarcasm: “Hahaha, not when my arm is down.” Completely unaware of what her friend had in mind, Brittany sent another photo of her tattoo, this time correctly oriented. However, things took an unexpected turn when her friend reacted by saying: “It’s still going (…)

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