She gets more than Kylie Jenner The famous woman who turns her social networks upside down


The one that has been bundled in the last hours in social networks has been fat. And be careful because it was not exactly Kylie Jenner who has turned Instagram upside down. It has been, yes, one of her friends, Rosalia.

It is no secret that the Spanish singer and the American celebrity are friends. In fact, the Rosalia was one of the guests at the recent birthday of daughter Kylie, Stormi.

We do not know very well where this friendship comes from and whether or not it will continue. What we do know is that the two share a peculiar taste for fashion and, above all, for curves of high volume.

Rosalía’s photo

And the singer’s latest post on her Instagram account attests to it. In the image in question, we see Rosalia on her back with a little model who does nothing but emphasizes the size of her hips.

A photo in which it has been precisely these that have generated many comments. While it is true that the model helps and that many have pointed in that direction, her followers have remained plaid before such size.

But of course, as Catalan knows, it is not her faithful who open debates on the networks, but her haters. And be careful because there are many Rosalía detractors who are very active in the networks.

And they have taken advantage of this image to criticize it. “ This woman is ceasing to be a promising singer to be a celebrity on Instagram,” “Stop modeling and start making music,” “Do you sing or teach?”, “If she didn’t dress like this, nobody would talk about her,” “ I feel sorry because it has become a doll in the hands of marketing, or” Unfortunate “are some of the comments in this regard.

Comments that in no case will restrain Rosalia . Quite the opposite. Moreover, it would not be surprising to end up posing with her beloved Kylie and competing to see which of the two is more extravagant.



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