“She had a huge ****”: this terrible night of love that Philippe Lacheau is not ready to forget

Philippe Lacheau is known for his schoolboy and hilarious comedies. If the latter in life sparks great love with Elodie Fontan, this was not the case in the past, where she experienced a sexual misadventure, about which her friend Julien Aruti told Guillaume Play LegendMedia.

In 2014, the French rediscovered or rediscovered the film thanks to Philippe Lacheau and the Fifi gang. baby is sitting, The feature film he directs and in which he plays the lead role. The first success in cinema, which would be followed by sequels and many other successful films, such as alibi dot com, which also got a sequel in 2023, or Niki Larson and the Perfume of Cupid, in which he directed Pamela Anderson. We can say that Philippe Lacheau is sliding down the ladder of success and has managed to carve a niche for himself in the world of French entertainment.

A place he also holds on Amazon Prime Video with his show LOL, Jo Laughs!, whose popularity keeps on growing with the seasons. A success that he shared with the members of his band with whom he started, as is the case with Julian Arruti. The latter was the guest of Guillaume Play this weekend legendmedia, He took the opportunity to tell a hilarious anecdote about his great friend’s sexual exploits.

“You went out with a girl who had a checkerboard in her mouth”

In a video posted on the Instagram account of legendmedia, Julian Arruti recounts youthful adventures with Philip Lacchio, and in particular a night at a nightclub whose director Despite being a superhero himself Not ready to forget ,We party, we laugh and everything. There’s a girl circling around him and actually we’re getting closer and when she smiles it’s like a checkerboard, she has one of two teeth. And so there is a dent, there is a hole, there is a dent, there is a hole. We see what they say is ‘wow we sent it to the breaker'”

The story could have ended there, but the group of friends convinced Philip Lacchio to continue courting the young woman and accompany her to the house to have sex. It is then that the actor finds himself in a delicate position. “They begin to do what they have to do, and when they get to the sack he has a big dog, and he growls when he gets to it. (…) and suddenly breaks down because he is very afraid of the dog” Julian Aruti laughs before calling off the day later this evening: “He came back to tell us this and we said: ‘But that’s crazy! You went out with a girl who had a checkered mouth, the pit bull scared you and ended up doing nothing with you'”, A hilarious anecdote about the actor that Julian Arruti shared with great glee, ending with these words: “We were very happy”, Friendship is beautiful!

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