she hates her body and reveals supporting evidence

It’s too much for Jessica Thivenin. The reality TV candidate has decided to share her fed up on social networks this Saturday, August 12. After many food excesses, she decides to take control.

The heavenly vacation of Jessica Thivenin and her husband Thibault Garcia quickly turned into a nightmare. Indeed, the couple of influencers will have to be repatriated from Hawaii due to violent fires present on the American archipelago. A dream vacation, of course, but which had an impact on the body of Jessica Thivenin. The latter made a point of pushing a rant on her Instagram account, this Saturday, August 12. “After a summer of eating non-stop crap, really, I don’t even know if I ate vegetables or fruit!!! It was burgers, pizza, sausage and so on. I absolutely didn’t pay attention and I really let myself be loved, even more so here in Hawaii“, she confided, sharing a photo of her back in a swimsuit, revealing a little cellulite on her buttocks. “Except that yesterday, I had an electric shock! Admittedly, I’m not someone who tends to get fat, but on the other hand, all the fat I can eat sticks to my buttocks. That’s it, it’s too much, I can’t take it anymore!“, annoyed the former candidate of Marseille.

“There are no rules, you can weigh 100 kilos and feel good”

I hate myself, I feel bad. So that’s it, from today it’s healthy eating! I redo my creams, I stop sugary drinks, stop!“, added Jessica Thivenin. But the young mother of Maylone and Leewane made a point of specifying…

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