She intended for the manufacture of the perfumes, and put the plant to make the gel, hand sanitizer International


The Colombian singer has just announced that the factory where they are produced, with the fragrance of her perfume line, she is now dedicated to the production of the alcohol in the gel will be donated to the Spanish government, to assist in the prevention of covid-19.

“Very, very proud of the successful efforts of the companies in these difficult times, as my partner in Puig, who spend all their factories, and the scent of the alcohol production of the gel for it to be given to the Spanish government”, he began to write for the singer on social media.

“Here’s a great example of a good deed. I hope that it will inspire other companies,” he said.

It is recalled that the Colombian made his debut in the fragrance world with ‘theThe S by Shakira’ in 2008.

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