She is found alive


The Writing

A dog was found, on the ruins of the huts on the Block 03 And Set 04, in the Village, Dnocs,in July, at 15h34 (16/10). The Fire brigade of the Military of the Federal District (CBMDF), attended the incident and managed to rescue the animal’s life.

When you arrive in the area, the staff of the 22nd Group of the Fire-fighter in the Military are faced with a field littered with debris from the collapse of another, and the sound of the cry of a dog.

The authorities launched the operation, making removal of the material, and in a few minutes they came up to the beast, a puppy from a dog breed set. The dog was taken in and had received the attention of the staff, with no need for referral to a veterinary surgeon.

Immediately following the rescue of a resident is willing to take on the beast and gave it the name of the world.



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