She put down the soda and began to drink the turmeric drink. What effects did she notice?

This woman was unable to replace carbonated drinks until she discovered the so-called golden milk. She drank them every day for two weeks. How did it affect her?

When we drink sodas every day, it can be difficult for us to give up. This journalist found out about it. Katy Anderson, who belongs to the editorial board of, she couldn’t imagine life without Diet Coke. She drank it every day and eventually made a decision that it was not entirely healthy for her. She decided to change her habits and to this end she looked for a replacement for a carbonated drink. The choice fell on the popular golden milk. What is this mixture and why is it beneficial for our body? See for yourself.

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She put down the soda and began to drink the turmeric drink

Carbonated drinks are quite addictive and therefore not easy to give up. When we give them up, we may feel like we are constantly wanting. However, there are ways to deal with it.

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One of such tricks was shared by Katy Anderson from The journalist decided to drink the so-called golden milk. What does this potion consist of?

Golden milk is nothing more than cow or vegetable milk with the addition of turmeric. They are also often combined with pepper, ginger or honey, which are to enhance the effect of the golden spice and improve the taste of the drink.

Most of all, it was a mix that actually tasted Katy. The journalist prepared herself a drink based on almond milk. She also added pepper to it, which made her body absorb turmeric better. What effects did she notice?

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She drank golden milk instead of soda. What effects did she notice?

Katy pointed differences between Diet Coke and golden milk. It turns out that since reaching for the turmeric drink, her appetite has decreased. She felt full, but did not have the gas that is common in people who consume soda.

The journalist felt too less pain in the jointswhich in her case was important because she suffers from rheumatoid arthritis. She had more energy and her stomach became flat. She also says that she did not reach for carbonated drinks any more, and when she felt like them – she replaced them once with e.g. kombucha.

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