She puts Ben in danger!

Wine to be friendly!

This is an advertising clip that leaves a bitter taste. Taking the stage in her car, Jennifer Lopez smiles, revealing she got up early so she could get a bottle of Delola, the spirits-inspired drink she launched in April, as she heads to an ultra select party in the Hamptons . Evening. A video has been posted on his Instagram, which starts out as an advertisement for Kinder. “I love holidays. I love spending time with my family, my friends…, He said before showing the pot of roses: And I love to enjoy a few cocktails!” A bit of an odd mix of styles here… but that’s not the only thing that surprised us at this highly marketed spot. Because J. have it “tempered madam” , He repeated this in lengthy interviews, even complaining about the unbearable pressure he felt when toasting the evening with champagne… and then drinking, it makes you ugly.

That too, he said and said again, to the extent that it is used as a selling point today. “I know many people say to themselves: ‘She doesn’t even drink’, then she explained on Insta (…) But I drink responsibly, not to turn my head upside down, but to be social and have a good time.” Hear this well: wine is your best ally to overcome your shyness, just be careful not to show it! Enough to upset the associations for the fight against alcoholism, who keep on warning against the decidedly less dangerous festive booze… these are the same organizations that helped the star’s own husband stay away from it all! Because Ben Affleck and the bottle is a very long story that ended in 2017 after a painful rehab. Today the actor should not touch even a drop, otherwise he will fall again. So to listen to his wife—who says to keep an eye on the cereal at this point—extend the tremendous benefits of the drink, inevitably, is downright bad, as many Internet users observed. Yes, shocked.

Did the star really need it…so that she doesn’t have to live on straw?

Consumption of alcohol is dangerous for health. Consume in moderation

“It’s so embarrassing when she talks about it when Ben was suffering from alcoholism”, Make a note. “Why doesn’t she respect his sobriety?”, laments over the other. At the moment, the actor has not responded to those messages, but some people are worried about him, believing that his wife is not much concerned about his mental health. As for his Bomba, he has trouble swallowing the criticism between his drinking and failures…

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