She sang a song by Ariana Grande in front of her. The singer wanted to leave the studio!

Ariana Grande
Author: YouTube / The Voice

Ariana Grande continues to surprise her fans. The world-famous singer joined the jury of the American version of The Voice. During the first episode, one of the participants decided to present a song from the superstar’s repertoire. Everyone is talking about Ari’s reaction today!

Ariana Grande as a juror of The Voice, she is perfect. Although this is only the first episode, fans of the American singer have no doubts that participation in the talent show, which is popular with viewers, may make her even more liked. Internet users praise Ariana not only for accurate comments, but above all for her approach to participating in the program. As could be expected, among the singers and singers fighting for the title of the best voice in the United States, there were also those who decided to reach for Ari’s repertoire. One of them is 23-year-old Gymani, who sang a song from the artist’s latest album Positions during blind auditions. I’m talking about a pov song. The first seconds were enough for Ariana to turn around in the red chair. At one point, the star was so moved by the participant’s performance that she stood up and took a step forward, as if she wanted to leave the studio to vent her emotions.

Ariana Grande is moved

When Gymani finished the song, Ariana shouted at her to stop it, because it belongs to her from today. The singer could not hide her delight with the participant in which all the coaches turned.

I’m honored that you picked up my song, she said.

To everyone’s surprise Gymani did not join Ariana’s team. The 23-year-old singer decided to train her vocal under the watchful eye of Kelly Clarkson.

Ariana Grande then and today

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