She swallowed her Apple AirPods and told about it on TikTok

Can you confuse the consumer electronics industry with the pharmaceutical industry? It turns out that it is. This kind of story is described by a TikTok user from Boston. She swallowed an Apple AirPods wireless earpiece as a result of a mistake ?? she took it instead of a painkiller. She had both of these things in her hands a moment before going to sleep, and unfortunately she chose the evil one. Maybe it was too dark?

I rushed to bed. (…) I grabbed the water bottle and took a sip, then realized it wasn’t Ibuprofen ?? by TikToka user @iamcarliiib.

It might have ended up not very pleasant, after all, this device contains a small lithium-ion battery, and lithium is very toxic. There was also a possibility of an electric short circuit and a large current flow. It’s for ?? straight way to internal burns. A TikTok user took an X-ray but decided not to take any further medical steps. She claims that the earpiece left her body in a natural way.

Moreover, in another part it tells how sent a friend an audio recording of her belly (AirPods include a microphone). This is not the only case of similar treatment of Apple’s small headphones ?? who?? another has swallowed a similar device while sleeping. In this case, also nothing bad happened (although the medics did the endoscopy), but please watch out for such little gadgets.

She swallowed AirPods and sent a friend a belly recording - Illustration # 2

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