She talks about the routine of skincare and beauty secret that you learned from your mother – in Marie Claire Magazine


Shakira (Photo: Handout)

Shakira (Photo: Handout)

Professional singer since he was 16 years old, business woman, an activist from the Foundation, His Feet, his mother. About to release a documentary about the tour, “El Dorado” World Tour and a new scent, a Sweet Dream, Video spoke exclusively with a Marie Claire on the new stage, and the routine is taken care of. Please see below for the chat room:

Marie Claire: As it is in the day-to-day beauty?
Video It’s pretty simple, really. I try to use products that are free of the chemical, in particular for the moment to skincare. I will wash, hydrate and pitch some kind of a serum consisting of vitamin C, And glycolic acid to promote cell renewal and protecting against pollution.

MC: He likes to experiment with different products?
S I’m superfiel when I find something that I like very much. Even I carry an arsenal in your handbag for when I’m travelling.

MC: Which of your products are in your handbag?
S I have one blush, one of mascara, and a sunscreen. I wear very little make-up now, compared to what I used to use when I had to when I was 20 years old – it took me years to realize that it’s a natural look it makes the most sense for my day-to-day.

MC: What are the notes for the perfume are preferred?
S My favorite is the vanilla, néroli, and sandalwood.

M: What is the difference between a Sweet Dream and to all the other fragrances you’ve created?
S This is a fragrance that has a touch of Asia, it was also the first time that I used the caramel as one of the elements. I think that it has resulted in a combination of a lot of the original.

MC: How do you participate in the creation of his perfumes?
S I have been involved in all aspects from the work of the perfumer, so that it is created with the blend, I don’t think that I can imagine, even the packaging and the entire marketing strategy. I’ve always been like that with everything I do I do music and video on my perfumes). Do I need to be involved from the beginning to the end, and feel that my creations are a reflection of my personality.

MC: You can not live without the products?
S Sunscreen – I believe that this is the most important, and that everyone in the world should be used throughout the year. Vitamin D is also important, but too much exposure to the sun, it’s something devastating to the health of your skin in the course of the year.

MC: what have you learned in Colombia in terms of beauty that you continued to practice?
S That hydration is critical to skin health and beauty. I’ve spent a lot of time moisturizing the skin on my face and body.

MC: What is beauty to you?
S Beauty is confidence and trust. This is what you have to say about you to other people. It is self-expression.

MC: A secret of beauty?
S The more you sleep, the better it is, and how much less sugar and alcohol, as well.

MCWhat are your favorite colors for your lipstick?
S I prefer a neutral color or a bright pink. For more of what you have already tried a lot, I’m not the girl in the red lipstick.

MC: What ever you do to the hair?
S I think that there is nothing to do with my hair yet, I’ve done it all.

MC: What have you learned about beauty from her mother?
S My mother always insisted that I looked more beautiful when she was smiling. At the end of the day, smile, it made me be more happy as a whole. I think I’ve learned to be happy with.

Sweet Dream ($150, 80 ml), and Shakira (Photo: Handout)

Sweet Dream ($150, 80 ml), and Shakira (Photo: Handout)

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