she wanted to hide her lover’s son, condemned

A 40-year-old American was sentenced to over 60 years in prison for killing his wife: he was discovered thanks to the woman’s smartwatch

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A case of homocide dating back to 2015 was recently solved thanks to a smartwatch: a 40-year-old from Connecticut for the judges would have killed his wifelying about it, but was just lied to by smartwatch worn by the woman. How did things go.

He kills his wife to hide his lover’s son

The protagonist of the affair, found guilty by a jury of the supreme court of Rockville (country located in the state of Connecticut), it is called Richard Dabate. In December 2015 his wife Connie she was found dead in the house.

For all these years, the man continued to support his version: that he came home and found a man in masks and with a voice similar to that of Vin Diesel; he allegedly shot his wife and then tied up her husband.

A version that has never convinced the investigators: Dabate was arrested in 2015, but was released on bail in 2017. A May 2022man was though condemned to 65 years old in prison for the murder of his wife.

Stuck in his wife’s smartwatch

The turning point in the process came thanks to technology and in particular to Fitbit of his wife. It is a smartwatch, a sports watch useful for keeping track not only of the time but also of the physical activity carried out during the day.

Just from reading the data, the investigators were able to prove that Richard Debate was lying on what happened that morning in 2015.

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A Fitbit smartwatch

From the smartwatch, it emerged that Connie Dabate would have moved for at least an hour even after the alleged time of the murder witnessed by her husband.

In between is the son with another woman

From the trial, the possible motive behind the killing of his wife would also emerge: Richard Dabate would have tried to hide the fact that he was about to have another son together with another woman, a lover.

The man – according to CBS reports – would have told investigators that Connie was no longer able to have more children and that therefore the couple would have chosen less traditional ways, such as a surrogate mother.

The data of the smartwatch were however deemed sufficient to convict the man, found guilty of murder, tampering with evidence And misrepresentation to the authorities. In view of the appeal, his bail has been increased to 5 million dollars.


Photo source: 123RF

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