“She wanted to rule.” Buckingham Palace employees are hard on Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle arouses extreme emotions. Some people love it, others believe it sows living and causes conflicts in the royal family. Despite the fact that she and Harry have lived in Los Angeles for a long time, disturbing information comes to light from the time when they lived in Buckingham Palace. This time it was the palace workers who broke the silence.

Meghan Markle is one of the very expressive characters that arouses extreme emotions. Some defend it, others believe that it sows unrest in the royal family. After the famous interview with Oprah Winfrey, in which she confessed that, inter alia, no one reacted to her depressive states, many people stood up for her. Although it is also worth emphasizing that there was a group of people who approached this conversation very critically.

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“She wanted to rule.” Buckingham Palace employees are hard on Meghan Markle

Meanwhile, as it turns out, a lot of information is coming out about Meghan’s stay at Buckingham Palace. This time the employees decided to comment. Supposedly, the Duchess of Sussex was mobbing them. She was also supposed to be cold and unpleasant towards them.

“He can’t handle people” – said one of the people at the royal court.

“She won’t let others dictate what role she has to play, but she wants to interpret it as she sees fit and worries about people looking down on her or treating her differently. That makes her overdo it sometimes.” – we read in one magazines.

Apparently, being at Buckingham Palace, Kate could not cope with emotions.

“Kate was horrified when Meghan shouted at a member of her staff. She was exaggerating. She wanted to rule. On the one hand, she wanted to be like Diana, the Princess of the People, and on the other, she wanted people to stand at attention when she snapped her fingers.” the informant of one of the British tabloids revealed.

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