She was called “Polish Angelina Jolie” and the queen of kitsch. Today Agnieszka Orzechowska has blonde hair and a different style

Many personalities have slipped through the Polish show business. Some of them sparkled in it for longer, others were heated in the flashlight for a relatively short time. Agnieszka Orzechowska is one of the latter, and she probably wished she would become loud again. She underwent a spectacular metamorphosis. Looks better?

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The greatest metamorphoses of stars. Some celebrities have changed beyond recognition

She was called “Polish Angelina Jolie” and the queen of kitsch. Today Agnieszka Orzechowska has blonde hair and has changed her style

Agnieszka Orzechowska has always dreamed of being a world-famous star. Who knows, maybe that’s why she argued in interviews that she was similar to Angelina Jolie? Nobody saw the resemblance except her, so the celebrity announced that she would undergo as many operations as would be necessary to look like her Hollywood idol. Plans have changed a bit, because Orzechowska changed her color to blonde, and visits to beauty salons were not always successful. How does it look today? She still likes to wear heavy makeup and have her eyes underlined.

Agnieszka OrzechowskaAgnieszka Orzechowska AKPA

Not only her hairstyle has changed, but also her style. Agnieszka, 36, gave up provocative dresses and, above all, dark colors. Today she is not afraid to wear flowery clothes that give her girly charm.

Agnieszka Orzechowska appeared in Maja Sablewska’s show

Agnieszka Orzechowska tried to return to the walls two years ago. She said that she might be able to do it thanks to the participation in Maja Sablewska’s program, in which the former star manager changes the image of ordinary Poles.

Now I am almost completely natural. I am pleasantly surprised. I didn’t think Maja was such a wonderful person. She has a good heart. I am glad that I fell into her hands – she assured in an interview.

Do you think that he will ever seek advice from Maja Sablewska?

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