“She was kidnapped by my son Marco on the orders of Renato De Pedis”

Case Emanuela Orlandi: the boss Renato De Pedis protagonist of the kidnapping in 1983? This is claimed by Salvatore Sarnataro, Marco’s father, a criminal who died in 2007.

«After thinking for a long time, I decided to report what I learned from my son Marco a few years ago in relation to the story of Emanuela Orlandi. Shortly after the kidnapping, I remember that both my son and I were in Regina Coeli (accused of dealing and possession of weapons, ed). During the hour of air, the latter confessed to having participated in the kidnapping of the Orlandi: he told me that for several days, both he and Ciletto (Angelo Cassani, ed) e “GI object (Gianfranco Cerboni, ed), followed Orlandi through the streets of Rome on the orders of Renato De Pedis, whom they called the President. My son told me that after following her for a few days, they had orders from De Pedis to take her ».

This is what we read in a report given to the policemen by Salvatore Sarnataro in October 2018 and published in Repubblica. In the story of the man, already known to justice, the confession made by his son who died a year earlier, in 2007.

«Marco told me that they had put her on a BMW sedan in Piazza Risorgimento at a bus stop. The girl (15 years old, ed) – then said Sarnataro to the policemen – got into the car without problems. At least this Marco told me. My son told me that they were always the ones who took the girl, he didn’t specify if it was all three. Certainly there was Marco and one between Giggetto and Ciletto, but they could also be all three because Marco used the expression we took it. Then they took her to the Eur lake where Sergio, who was De Pedis’ driver and trusted man, was waiting for them ».

«According to Marco’s story, both the girl and the car were taken over by Sergio. I later learned that my son, for this courtesy, was given a Suzuki 1100 motorcycle as a gift. I do not remember if Marco told me who had given him the bike, if Raffaele Pernasetti (leading exponent of the Banda della Magliana, ed), or another person. I don’t really know why Marco decided to tell me about his role in the kidnapping of the Orlandi, I immediately understood that he was going through a period of fear ».

Emanuela Orlandi’s brother

«I was really surprised by the attention surrounding Sarnataro’s report, it is an old and fairly obvious thing, debated several times during the investigation. However, that’s a good thing because, in my opinion, something can come out of those characters. Since they filed away, I have been collecting documents ».

Pietro Orlandi thus comments to the Adnkronos on the publication of Salvatore Sarnataro’s report in which he told the police that it was his son Marco, who died a year earlier, who kidnapped the 15-year-old Emanuela on the orders of the Magliana boss Renatino De Pedis.

«Capaldo believed very much in those declarations – explains Pietro Orlandi – then when the prosecutor of Rome Pignatone removed him from his post, he was dismissed. Pignatone himself, now president of the Vatican court, in that request for filing, says that there were circumstantial elements that had had a confirmation on the role of some elements of the Banda della Magliana in the kidnapping of Emanuela, but instead of deepening them it was decided to archive everything”.

“I have always been convinced that, not the Banda della Magliana, but De Pedis played a role of manpower in the kidnapping and that it made use of people among those mentioned by Sarnataro. Even if the principals are quite different. With the lawyer we are collecting a series of important documents – he concludes – and pushing the Vatican prosecutor’s office to share with them the evidence we now have at our disposal ».

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