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The series, produced by Leonardo di Caprio, and with a good cast (especially Elisabeth Moss), could have been a good thriller, but the girls are not convincing

The awaited psychosissima series “Shining girls” produced together with famous colleagues by the same protagonist, Elisabeth Moss, unforgettable since the time when she elbowed in “Mad men”, risks being classified under those big messes who trust too much in the continuous dislocation of space and time, high balancing exercises that writers like Proust or Virginia Woolf sometimes succeed in literature. Emmy-winning director-creator Michelle McLaren doesn’t have that temperament, she doesn’t even come close to “Back to the Future”, and the thriller on the Apple TV+ bill, exiting the royal ring road by the metaphysical shortcut, becomes as early as the third episode quite confused, then very confused, then difficult to locate, finally incomprehensible and then you lose interest and the deal is done, you see and don’t look.

The usual dystopian gimmick is the new saving adjective of serial and non-serial cinephiles, it allows the killer, whom we seek and discover from the beginning, to travel through time, but one comes to feel at the end that the killer may not be a person, but a place, a house. Yet? As far as we can understand (perhaps those who have read the book by the South African Lauren Beukes find themselves at an advantage) it happens that a ruthless killer kills women like Jack the Ripper, leaving a souvenir that passes in a visceral way from one to another but always with the same abrupt ways of an assassin with an easy knife. Luckily, one of these women is saved, and it is Elisabeth Moss, archivist in a Chicago newspaper who begins to climb the mountain of suspects and notices similar cases of violence to the one she suffered. But Harper, the killer, actor Jamie Bell (the kid who played Billy Elliot and who now gets his revenge on the bullying), travels through time and it happens that at some point you are thrown into World War I even though the inaugural martyr is from ’72. The killer follows and controls his victims, connects them to each other in order to facilitate fears and suspicions and memories, in short, leaves a mark and a tribute.

But the survivor Kirby, but don’t swear by the name, has a strange life that changes from day to day in order to complicate the plot and make it indigestible. Above all, you are unable to follow it with the necessary passion, because the average spectator is left out, naively imagining at first something murky and annoying that resembles the “Silence of the Lambs”. fake news. Will that of the film be a mental problem? We are disoriented, even if DiCaprio’s name as producer should be a guarantee. Could it be she, Moss, who imagined the worst? Could it be that the screenplay decides to make itself incomprehensible? But the truth is that once again the time travel of which we are held hostage undermines a thriller that could have been edible and maybe even funny, with a nice trio of actors (the third is the journalist Wagner Moura, who is very good) and Moss gets busy changing her personality, name and dates of birth, in a race against time in 8 episodes in which unfortunately we seem to guess that there will be a second season. Few emotions, some very vintage signs of fear, crunches, but unfortunately these girls remain very little shining, not very bright because we never manage to get into the secrets of the conspiracy adapted by Silka Luisa and at a certain point we stop fighting and admire the dedication to the cause of the good actress whom we hope to meet elsewhere soon.

June 8, 2022 (change June 9, 2022 | 10:51 am)

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