Shipwreck of migrants in Syria, the number of dead rises to 53: the missing are sought

September 23, 2022 1:47 pm

More than one hundred Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian people on board the boat, mainly women and children among the victims. Survivors call it “the boat of death”

The tragedy

– Overloaded and battered, these are the conditions of the boats that in recent weeks have left the Lebanese coasts and headed for Europe. Often they do not reach their destination due to shipwrecks or wiretapping by the Lebanese authorities.

“According to some survivors, the boat left the village of Minieh last September 20, carrying

between 120 and 150 people

“explained the director general of the Syrian ports,

Samer Kobrosli

, interviewed by the radio station “Sham Fm” about the shipwreck in Tartus. Numbers also confirmed by the testimonies of the Human Rights Observatory in Syria, the survivors have called it “the boat of death”.

Yet another shipwreck

– This is not an isolated tragedy. On 12 September last, the news of the death from dehydration of a four-year-old Syrian girl who left with her family from Lebanon to Europe. The boat had been blocked for days in the middle of the sea.

One of the most striking cases was the one that occurred last April: the sinking in Tripoli of a boat with about 84 people on board, to date 33 people are still missing.

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