Shocked by The Rock, Jon Jones’ cash message: “It’s the most…

A great MMA enthusiast, Dwayne Johnson particularly follows the UFC, of ​​which he has even become the footwear supplier. His latest madness has also caused none other than Jon Jones, the reigning heavyweight champion to react, showing himself flabbergasted by “The Rock” on social networks.

Today, we all know Dwayne Johnson as the highest paid actor on the planet, star of multiple Hollywood blockbusters and shrewd businessman. But before all that and even before becoming a wrestling legend, the superstar started in very difficult conditions, to the point where his first salary was just lousy. In other words, he had to work hard to support himself.

If he is now the holder of an immense fortune, the multi-millionaire has not forgotten where he came from. Even today, the world of combat sports can be cruel and for some athletes, it is sometimes necessary to deal with a very uncomfortable standard of living. “The Rock” has however worked to change this for Themba Gorimbo, fighter in the UFC and to whom he has just offered a house, just that:

Jon Jones salutes the immense generosity of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Decidedly very generous at the moment since it has split of a historic move in the midst of a strike in Hollywood, the WWE Hall of Famer has literally changed the life of the fighter from Zimbabwe, who has just won his first victory in the UFC. We can only salute the generosity of the “People’s Champion”, which has also been done by many Internet users… as well as Jon Jones, superstar of the MMA league:

Jon Jones : Yo, seeing The Rock give this MMA fighter a brand new home is the most heartwarming thing I’ve seen all year. I became even more of a fan of him.

He’s already done more for fighters than Dana White 🤣🤣🤣

Dwayne Johnson recognized himself in Themba Gorimbo, the two men having each started their career in poverty. Having known how to make a fortune afterwards, “The Rock” wanted the UFC fighter to be comfortably accommodated as well as his family. We can therefore only join Jon Jones in his message.

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