Shocking confession of a former football player from Legia and Wisła. “I sold this match. Sorry.” Soccer

This is one of the most controversial days in the history of the highest league in Poland. On June 20, 1993, the last round of the 1992/93 season took place. Before her, Legia Warszawa was in the lead in the league, with 47 points, which is the same as the Łódź Sports Club.

This day has been called “Miracle Sunday”. All because the Łódź team won against Olimpia Poznań 7: 1 at home, and the legionnaires won against Wisła Kraków 6: 0. PZPN, although he has not officially proved corruption to anyone, canceled the results of both meetings. Thanks to this, the Polish championship was won by Lech Poznań, and Legia and Łódź KS were not admitted to the European cups.

The Germans write about Lewandowski.  But it's not the goal they focus on. The Germans write about Lewandowski. But it’s not the goal they focus on. “He could save”

To this day, the inhabitants of Warsaw have not come to terms with the decision of the Polish Football Association, which took away the championship on the accusation of “unsportsmanlike attitude during the games”. Although in all historical entries legionnaires are assigned 15 titles of the Polish champion, on the official website of the club there are 16 of them. Legia still recognizes the championship of the 92/93 season as theirs.

Former footballer of Legia and Wisła admitted to corruption

Grzegorz Szeliga gave the matter a new flavor. A graduate of Polonez Warszawa, he first played for Legia for a year and a half, and from the spring of the 92/93 season, he was a football player of Wisła Kraków. In the mentioned match, he played for both teams for 90 minutes. On Friday evening, Szeliga posted an entry on Facebook in which he admitted selling that meeting.

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“I, Grzegorz Szeliga, sold the Legia – Wisła game in 1993. I want to be punished. I apologize to the fans of Legia and Wisła” – wrote Szeliga. In the first comment he added: “This is true”.

Grzegorz Szeliga admits to corruptionGrzegorz Szeliga admits to corruption Screen

The 53-year-old Szeliga will not be punished for corruption in sports. This provision was not included in the criminal law until 2003.

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