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It was just supposed to be a sex story between a mature lady and her “toyboy”, but it ended in the most tragic of ways. In England they ended up in the eye of the storm Mahek Bukhari23-year-old TikTok star, and his mother Ansreen Bukhari, a beautiful 45-year-old also influencer and often appeared paired with the scion in social media videos. Their success, however, would have been placed in the balance by a sex scandal that could overwhelm her mother. From the frying pan to the grill: now the two women are on trial with the very heavy accusation of manslaughter.

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The victims are two boys, Mohammed Hashim Ijazuddin And Saqib Hussain, who died instantly in a car accident last February. An accident that involved Mahek and his mother. In fact, the dynamics left more than a doubt to the investigators and now they have arrived at the most serious accusation: the accident was not accidental, mother and daughter would instead have tried to throw the car in which the two 21-year-olds were traveling off the road. Succeeding, because the car then crashed into the guard rail killing both passengers on board.

Reason? Saquib Hussain allegedly had an affair with Mrs. Ansreen, who was over 20 years older than him. When she would have indicated her intention to end the relationship, the young man would have threatened to send her husband and child a hot video shot by the couple and other intimate photos. For this the daughter Mahek allegedly “intentionally killed the lover of her mother”. Saquib would have tried a blackmailthey try to extort an amount between 2,000 and 3,000 pounds.

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What terrified mother and daughter was not so much the extent of the extortion, but the risk that that red light video would still become public domain, compromising the media image and their fame. Just so as not to lose any of them 126 thousand followers, they would have decided to “blow up” the young blackmailer. “It was not an accident – underlined the prosecutor in court – but behind there is a story of love, obsession, angerattempts at extortion and ultimately murder “.

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