Shocking information on Britney Spears. There are new reports

Although a fight Britney Spears about getting rid of the father’s tutelage began as in Hitchcock’s case with a great earthquake, that is, with the singer’s testimony that touched the whole world, now this story turns into a court soap opera.

It already seemed that there was a turning point when Jamie Spears through his lawyer, he made a declaration in which he declared his readiness to resign from the function of his daughter’s probation officer.

“Mr. Spears is a constant target of unjustified media attacks, she does not believe that a public battle with her daughter for his continued service as her probation officer would be in her best interest. So … Mr. Spears intends to work with the court and his daughter’s new attorney to prepare for an orderly transition to a new probation officer “- we read in the documents submitted to the court.

As it turns out, both sides imagined this “intention to cooperate” completely differently. The People service has just revealed that the attorney Mathew Rosengart He has filed again with a Los Angeles court this week requesting Jamie Spears’ immediate removal from his custody of his daughter.

Among the arguments he cited was that Britney’s father demanded about $ 2 million for stepping down as curator of the singer. “Mr. Spears should resign now, today, before he gets suspended. That would be appropriate and decent behavior on his part,” Rosengart wrote in a statement quoting People.

Jamie Spears presented this request to his daughter’s lawyers. His resignation from probation is subject to settlement of his costs (including $ 1.4 million in attorney fees over the past year) and the transfer of a significant amount to him from the company Britney’s Estate.

The singer’s lawyer reacted to these expectations sharply. “Britney Spears will not be intimidated or forced into anything by her father. Mr. Spears has no right to try to hold his daughter hostage by arranging the terms of his departure. This is not about him, but about his daughter’s best interests. If he loves her, he should give up on her. once, “argued Rosengart.

If you believe his words, the declaration of willingness to resign from the function of probation officer was just a tactical trick by Jamie Spears, and the case will be decided in court anyway. The next hearing will be held on September 29.

Jamie Spears has been in control of her daughter’s affairs since she suffered a mental breakdown in 2008 and was incapacitated by a court of law. In June, Britney testified in court that she had been a victim of many abuses by her father over the years, including she was intoxicated with psychotropic drugs, forced to use contraceptives and to work beyond strength.

During the testimony, Britney repeatedly demanded that her father be removed from the post of probation and even arrested him. Spears’ removal was supported in the testimony before the court by the star’s mother Lynne Spears and Jodi Montgomery, a temporary probation officer appointed by the court.

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