Shocking video shows how Illinois police saved a family who froze to death in a lake

Illinois State Police showed bravery and speed when they rescued a family in Naperville.

Video captured the heroic actions of three Illinois police officers who jumped into the icy waters of a lagoon, smashed car windows and rescued a young family, including their two-year-old daughter, trapped inside their car. Submerged below the surface.The incident took place in a pond napervillesuburban Chicago, the local police department confirmed.

Witnesses said the family was unable to extricate themselves from the partially submerged vehicle nearby. naperville public library. Police records show that after receiving an emergency call at approximately 1:00 pm on Tuesday, January 9, officers “responded without hesitation, despite temperatures below freezing” (minus zero degrees Celsius). One of the officers’ body cameras showed the urgency in their voices being heard as they tried to open the car door.

At every critical second, three Naperville police officers risked their lives to save a family, including an infant (Naperville Police Department)

Tensions came to a head when it became clear the door would not move, leading police to decide to break the window. “Break it, break it!” one of the men shouted, and the glass shattered and water poured inside.

A police officer managed to free the little girl, whose car seat was submerged in waist-deep water, while his colleagues helped the parents out of the car.In the words of the commander Michael Williams of naperville police“,”They broke the windows, opened the doors, rescued the children, and then rescued the adults. “

Despite her outwardly calm appearance during the rescue, the horror of the situation was evident, especially when the girl began to show signs of panic, a natural reaction to her father’s comforting words “You’re okay, Honey!” and she was a police officer. Soon she was brought to dry land.

The family was treated for hypothermia and one of the rescuers also suffered minor injuries and was affected by the cold. Preliminary investigation showed that the accident was caused by the driver of the car being confused and pressing the accelerator pedal instead of braking.

Police break car window to save girl and her trapped parents (Naperville Police Department)

Robert GrossWitnesses of the dramatic rescue praised the officers’ quick actions: “Those officers were heroes… They didn’t stop and think, they just ran into that freezing water.” According to police, no one was injured in the accident and required medical treatment. treatment.

Just a week after the incident, police and firefighters Florida They formed a human chain to rescue a car laden with gifts that had fallen into a water-filled ditch. After rescuing a mother and her three children from a shipwreck, lifeguards returned in search of Christmas gifts.

This event reminds everyone to always be prepared emergency services Respond quickly and courageously to emergencies and reaffirm your commitment to the safety and well-being of your community.

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