Shohei Ohtani would rather win in the East than lose in the West

Discussion of the Shohei Ohtani file continues. and you know what? This will remain the case until he signs his next contract.

Put on your hat.

Actually, many things change due to the star having shoulder pain. After all, teams are targeting him as the #1 pitcher in the rotation And Will have to adapt as the hitter of choice.

After all, think about what an impact a top pitcher can make in the postseason and think about what a top hitter can do in the postseason. The pot has more power, right?

Short. With that being said, it’s clear that Ohtani’s value has taken a hit.

That said, he could still pitch in the future, would be a tremendous hitter and would be an exceptional marketing tool around the world, which would add value to him.

He just needs a team to give him a big deal and he could even get a big contract this winter.

And according to Jim Bowden, teams won’t be afraid to take out the checkbook.

Yet according to Bowden, the current Angels player might actually sign the former if it meant he had a better chance to win.

This strengthens the theory that he wants to win at all costs.

He said, this shows that he does not want to play in the West, closer to Japan, at any cost. This is clearly their priority, but not at all costs.

I think the Dodgers, Giants and Mariners have a good chance at a deal – if they spend their money, obviously.

I still think he’ll go to Los Angeles (Dodgers), but I don’t think he’ll go further east than Chicago. The Cubs were among their finalists to come to North America.

I really think he’ll sign with a club that trains in Arizona and not Florida…but who knows?

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